Refrigeration & Hot Displays

Refrigeration & Hot Displays

Cold & Hot Displays

When it comes to cold displays, you need a solution that presents your products appealingly, while keeping them at the right temperature. Bendex is a specialist in the design and manufacture of stylish and purposeful cold display cabinets – achieving maximum display, while storing your products properly.
We pride ourselves on the high-quality craftsmanship and functionality of our stainless steel hot displays. Whether you’re after a wet or dry bain marie, Bendex offers several sizes and options to suit a range of needs.

Cool & Freezer Rooms

For the design and installation of your cool or freezer room, you need to work with an experienced team to get it right from the outset. Bendex is highly renowned in the industry as the go-to for custom cold storage solutions. Our in-house refrigeration mechanics can install, service, and repair your cold room to keep your hospitality business running.

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